​​​​​​​Therapeutic Outreach

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Therapeutic Outreach, Inc.


enhancing the quality of life through excellent quality care for each person and program we work with

116 Village Boulevard, Suite 200 
Princeton, NJ 08540

Your needs are met

With 34 years of medical and educational support staffing experience, we know how to recruit and help provide you with the most reliable and best service providers.  We are able to do this very quickly and cost effectively due to our immense data base of available providers.  Your credentialing requirements are always met in advance so you can hire with ease.  We care about the services that are provided and understand that the services our clients receive must be significant.  Our  goal is to help those we service meet their program  or individual needs in the areas of education, healthcare, work, family, and community.

We will listen carefully to what your needs and goals are and then help you fill your needs with the most highly qualified provider(s). 

Our clients typically need licensed providers who have received specialized instruction and certifications in their areas of expertise.  Providers who deliver high-quality, evidenced-based, individualized or group instruction and support services such as evidence-based strategies, accommodations, and modifications to support life's needs.