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enhancing the quality of life through excellent quality care for each person and program we work with

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Therapeutic Outreach

We know it takes the right service, at the right time, with a caring highly effective provider

We need to prepare our children from pre-school and at each grade level for the next transition they will make.  Before you know it, they are graduating, and you have to hope that the services they received were significant.  Our  goal is to bring our students to the point of graduation where they are prepared to meet the new challenges of their post school needs, including college and or a career.

We believe our students, with the right services, can have the potential to meet the same rigorous grade-level expectations as any student.  Our services provide the supports and accommodations needed that are designed to meet the unique needs of the student.  We work to enable your child to access the general education curriculum and to transfer the skills learned to middle and high school and into adult life.  We evaluate, set up and implement an individualized learning plan with results-driven accountability. 

Our professionals foster goal development through the use of and principals of universal design for learning by determining the students unique needs.  This is achieved through the skill and expertise of teaching multiple strategies to allow for diverse avenues of goal attainment.  Our providers have received specialized instruction and certifications in their areas of expertise.  They deliver high-quality, evidenced-based, individualized instruction and support services such as evidence-based strategies, accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology or devices to support life-long development and learning.